Auto, Truck & RV Transmission Repair in Frederick County, MD

Zebroski Motor Company specializes in auto, truck and RV transmission repair in Frederick County MD. Zebroski’s offers trusted transmission repair and diagnostic services at a fair price. Contact us for a 2nd opinion and to schedule service.

Expert Transmission Repair

Like most parts in your automobile or RV, transmissions will eventually wear out and need repair. Our transmission specialist can diagnose, repair, rebuild or replace your vehicles transmission. Bring your car, truck or RV to Zebroski’s in Woodsboro, MD for a free transmission diagnostic and repair estimate.


Reliable Transmission Replacement

In the event that your transmission needs to be replaced or rebuild, rest assured that Zebroski Motor Co in Frederick, MD has the experience and tools required for the job. We sell and install Jasper Transmissions which are backed by a 3 year / 100,000 Mile Nationwide Parts & Labor Warranty.

Transmission Fluid Service

One of the most important things you can do to prolong the life of your transmission is to make sure your transmission always has enough fluid. Don’t be inconvenienced with transmission problems caused by deteriorating fluid or not enough fluid. If your transmission fluid is dirty or deteriorating, you might be on the way to a transmission problem. Preventive transmission maintenance will save you money and not leave you stranded on the road. Zebroski Motor Co specializes in transmission fluid, transmission service, transmission repair and transmission replacement for car, truck and RV owners in Frederick County Maryland and surrounding areas.


Transmission Leak Service

If you notice a reddish color fluid on your or leaking from under your car, you likely have a leak in your transmission. Zebroski Motor Co will inspect your transmission for leaks and replace the gasket, hose or seal that is causing the leak.

Trusted Transmission Repair in Woodsboro, MD

Zebroski Motor Company is a trusted transmission repair shop in Woodsboro MD. We specialize in auto, truck and RV transmission repair in Frederick County MD. We are open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. Give us a call at 301-845-8460 or contact us to schedule service.