” Thanks to you and Mr. Tommy Zebroski of Zebroski Motors in Woodsboro my wife and I face a fun filled summer using our motor home.

It has been a long time since you visited us in our home at the beginning of February to view the damage done by the “hit and run” driver who damaged our motor home. When we picked up our motor home from the Mr. Zebroski today we could see that the result is worth the wait. Everything looks good and the motor home drives good.

Your visit to us and your subsequent visit to Mr. Zebroski to assess the damage done and the resulting checks you quickly sent us to pay for repairs gave us a great peace of mind. The workmanship of Mr. Zebroski and his tenacity in obtaining “equivalent” parts to repair our aged motor home is a testament to his ability to get things done.

We appreciate the efforts of both of you and say thank you for your prompt and ongoing support of our needs. We are glad that we are part of the Progressive family.”

-John W. Gray